Friday, November 6, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Local Farmer Guaranteed

Body Image Project

Array Wall Self Exhibition

Elvis-copter for the Bushfire Campaign

This is a final project for character and animation class. The task is to make a short animation for a website banner. The website is a website of some charity organization who help victims from the bushfire. Another task is to design a character which describe and represent the hero who bravely help the people during the bushfire incident in Melbourne, Australia recently. I design a cute and cuddle helicopter, inspired from the real helicopter called "elvis" that always busying around to burn the fire out. Why I picked this helicopter, because it is unique, versatile and one of the busiest vehicle during the events. And that is the good thing about animation, we can make a thing life and have a feeling and characteristics.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Rob Ryan Promotion Project

My first After Effect project. The task is to make a self promotion video for a person who already been chosen by the teacher. Each video should represent the person. My video was aim to describe what Rob Ryan is look a like. My task is a bit difficult because Rob Ryan is a title design maker. He is capable on using After Effect, so I try as best as I can to use some difficult After Effect tools to show that a title design maker should have an outstanding self promotional video.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Kawai Design Logo

This is a logo from me and my friend design company. We hope that this company someday will growth more competitive in design society in Indonesia. The name Kawai is from japanese language means "cute". We think that a design company should be fun and excited so we choose word "cute" to represents it. We want to show that this a company can bring a happiness and excite full to our client because a design company should bring something different to help client's problem on solving some promotional work or their image to the consumer. The logo itself ia a simplification from lollipop to represent the feels cute itself.

Fitone Logo

This is a logo for a contractor company, the logo represents the company name, Fitone is an abbreviation from Five, Three and One. These numbers have a special meaning for Hindu's believe. Those are a special three numbers that usually used for luck, prosperity, harmony and happiness.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Birah Dental Clinic

These are a banner and a brochure design for a Dental Clinic. The concept is to bring the simplicity and cleanest of the clinic it self to the customer. The client wants these designs looks simple and clean because their customers are from upper-level, so they didn't want the design looks cheaply and inexpensive. The brown color of the background is to represent the luxury feeling and the turquoise color is to represent their company color.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Islamic Book Cover 02

This another book cover I designed together with the other Islamic book cover. Unfortunately this book are not released yet. This book is telling about the history of holly Koran. The cover basically was simple, using the brown for represent warm fullness. The curved line in the middle is represent the visual of holly Koran itself. Usually Koran opened 120 degrees like this when people reading it. The geometrical pattern was aimed to represent the pattern that usually used in Mosque or every building in the far-east country.

Wawan Sendiri Movie Poster

This was one of my favorite portfolio. This is a poster from my independent movie that I made together with my friends when I was at a college back then. The movie called "Wawan Sendiri". In English means "Wawan Alone". It's about a young boy who were cursed by an ancient taboo. He done a several things which some people said it was forbidden to do. And for the consequences he couldn't have a girlfriend for his life. The movie talk about how he fight for this curse and for the result of the curse where every girls that his asked for a date rejected him. So the poster was referring about his loneliness. He sit in the corner of a wall, looked desperate and stress because everybody rejected him.

PG Beauty

This is a free magazine from P&G Indonesia. The content of the magazine was mainly about hair, the beauty and the treatment. The cover was focusing on a girl who won the contest held by P&G. I just a third party in this project, because I got this from a marketing consultant agency who were the owner of the project. The design was quite simple because they want this magazine look similar with the other beauty magazine, so chick and clean. But the proses is not very simple at all. The proses were very exhausting because I took a lot of revision only for the cover. Everything had to be perfect because I was dealing with a big company . I took more than 20 revision just for the cover, and it took more than 2 months to finishing this project. Basically P&G concern about the cover because it was the first impression when people saw it on the magazines rack. I was almost using my time to revised the picture. The original picture wasn't good like the final artwork in here. I have to re-touch most of the picture such as re-touching the armpit, the necks bone, the eyebrow, the eye, etc. But, I'm happy with the final artwork because it looks more girlie just like what they want.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ditya and Novi picture

This is just a picture inside the wedding card that I mentioned before. This is not the final artwork. The final artwork is using light-yellow color for the background same like the card cover. But, I like this design more, because the co-relation of the colors resulted a deeply and dynamic feeling.

Intern event poster

This poster is aimed to help my friend who work in Deloitte Indonesia. On last August, they held a big sport event which was attended by their own employee. This event was aimed to celebrate the Indonesian Independence Day. The concept about this poster is sportiveness with fun. So, for the visual image, I used an illustration about several people who were ready to play a sports game. I kept the illustration in black and white to maintain the comic style. The background I use several line which was represent a light from sun to vice that their will to play in these games were shiny like sun lights. I used a lot of color to make a sense of cheerfull, because this is a celebration, but I used a warm tone to avoid ugly image.

Islamic book cover

This is a challenging project for me, because my religion is Hindu but the author of the book believe that I'm competence to create the design. This book mainly is about pray and the system of it, so basically, like the author said, I could do the design because every religion understand and know how to create a visual for pray. Although the book has not published yet, this design is a final artwork. The main visual is the image in the above. The image is a collection of several line that has been folded. The collection of the folded line create a feel of a path. The author have an opinion that a pray is about implore to God, to find a path to connect and become more closer to God. So the visual is re-present the way to be more closer to God. And the white background is to re-present the clean and simplicity of pray that pray should not be filthy with a negative step.

Ditya and Novi wedding card

This is my recent work about my big brother wedding invitation card. This design re-present who and what are the couples. The big heart image off course to re-present how big their love and the wing in each side aimed to bring their love fly as high as it can so no one can stop it. The flower beneath the flier have a meaning to bring a shiny and brightness in this wedding. The butterfly are the messenger of love, they fly to spread their love every where they can go. The coconut tree in balinese tradition have a meaning of prosperity. The candy in the low area is re-present cheerful, purposely to bring a cheerful and happiness feeling even in their sorrow moment. The repeating image in this design always have a same number which is 5, 9 and 23. 5 is a lucky number in balinese tradition, 9 is a birth date of Novi, and 23 is a birth date of Ditya.

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